Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Becca's Red and White Wedding

Okay, so it was GORGEOUS! Completely eye catching with the dramatics of red and white and black. Becca has great taste! I know this post is late, since the wedding was in June, but I guess part of me wanted to save it for later, since I miss doing flowers so much.
Pictures by Melissa Burnett Photography. - but flowers done by

Rachelle Ellis of Abloomin' Daisy!

Becca had a lot of bridesmaids, so rather than get a bunch of bouquets for each one, she made a money saver move. She just asked for a simple large red gerbera daisy for them each to put in their hair. Unfortunately my mother has those pictures on her camera.

Cute little Bentley in her floral crown.

So you can sort of see the throw bouquet, but another cool thing about the photo was is the little umbrella. I totally made it! I had this grand design, but when I got to the location, and realized the space on the table and the time, and materials... I couldn't make it work. I will have to save that design for another time.

The evolution of the umbrella if you care to know. I tore the fabric off of a normal umbrella to it's skeleton, gesso-ed the doilie my great-grandmother made, so it would be whiter and stiff, then laid it on the skeleton umbrella overnight to shape and dry. My mother and John liked the idea of modern meeting the vintage, but for some reason, I just didn't like the little plastic handle, and had to find another way to make it happen. So I took the bamboo used for floral design, to match the shape, and created the umbrella. I was going to set it up high-ish and thread flowers with fish line to hang over the guestbook, creating a floral canopy..... like I said, I will save it for another time.

The Bride's bouquet included red ranunculus and little red spray roses, white stargazer lilies and some salal leaves. I had to make a repair from the temple pictures to the reception since the lilies are fragile and since they were white they show thieir folds and bruises well. The boutonnieres for these ring bearers were small white spray roses, while the groom's were ranunculus blooms to match the bridal bouquet and the flower girl's crown. The groomsmen and fathers had mini white or red gerbera dasies, and the mother's had large red gerbera wrist corsages with black beaded wristlets- very formal. I learned a lot from this event, but as always really enjoyed working with the flowers!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Becky's Wedding Flowers

Becky only asked me to do her flowers about a week before the wedding... Which was fine, she only needed a couple of things, and was very flexible on what we did. It was also her trust in me that allowed to really enjoy designing these flowers on the spot. Just shows that even on a tight budget, you can still have beautiful flowers.Becky's Bridal bouquet was set in a holder, and her main request was to have large white gerbera daisies and her colors were light watercolors. For her green: it's old english ivy to contrast all the lights. For fillers: baby's breath with white and pink mini carnations. The kicker: The light blue hydrangea. I saw it at the wholesaler, and HAD to have it! I had never worked with it before, but fell in love with it. The problem: They, like their gerbera nieghbors here, wilt quickly and depending on the color, bruise easy.
The shape of Becky's Bridal bouquet you may have noticed is not the cliche run of the mill shape either. It is a variable of a half crescent.

Simple Mother's corasages.
This is the Groom's Bout: White mini Gerbera with light blue hydrangea, and a little ivy.

Below is the Throw Bouquet. I was a little nervous if Becky would like this Biedermier style bouquet. Biedermier is just the show of concentric circles in the design. Um, with wide eyes and excitement, shel oved it! Here, buttercream gerbera diasies with white and pink mini carnations with baby's breath.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Steph with Steph

Stephanie's Awesome Wedding Flowers! Her colors were black, white and GREEEEEN! Not the norm, but ended up being the most fun I have had designing a wedding. Steph's easy-going pwersonality gave me my artistic license anytime I wanted to use it! And guess what the best part was?! SHE LOVED IT! (of course she did! have you seen the pictures yet? no? well get on with it!) So I still haven't heard back from the photographer, but these are better than nothing! The above is the gorgeous Bridal Bouquet, Two cymbidium orchids (representing the two lovebirds), surrounded by green spider mums, stephanotis (little white flowers with pearl centers), white roses, hypericum berries, and green button poms, with some bear grass loops. Stephanie was a little concerned with the greenery before, saying that she didn't want anyone looking at the flowers, and thinking "wow, that's a lot of leaves", so we just left them out completely.

This is the Throw Bouquet, obviously smaller, but similar flowers, and lots of bear grass! (ooo I love it!)

Sorry this is upside down, but you get the idea.

Close up on the Brial below.

For the sweet Bridesmaids..... gerber daisies, hypericum berries, green spider mums, and green button poms. (I waited until I was at the ceremony to cut the stems to proper length)

For the Groom: (above)

Pretty simple groomsmen boutonnieres, but they look pretty cool!

My favorite corsages, I have ever done! I loved each of them. The bear grass is an awesome airy substitute for normal green leaves.

To go along wth her invitations and to match her style, I designed this wrap! The black lace over the white silk is different, and "sexy". HA ha.

there are more pictures, but I just don't have them :( I'M stranded in New York.

Peacock Wedding Beautiful Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn and her sweetheart, have some awesome taste! They chose to go with a French Theme, That's where the peacocks came from.
Can I just say? This was probably the most challenging wedding to date! I stewed weeks over whether or not it would work out the the way it did in my head, and then stressed over Kaitlyn's approval. I designed the bouquet 3 times before I felt I had it right. Well it turns out, she loved them, and it made me feel so good because of how much time it took to achieve it, (twice as much compared to other weddings I have done.)
The peacock feathers were a real challenge because of thier shape. They are one sided, flat and tall. The callas are considered a "tall-headed" flower head, the 3 inches height make out for a larger radius on the head of a bouqet. So the two combined, made it difficult for me. But it certainly paid off! The cascade shape looks great with the tear shaped callas.

This is the Maid of Honor's bouquet, and the Throw Bouquet was something similar.

I didn't go set up at the reception for this one, but here are the centerpieces. I am sorry, I don't know the photographer's name, or I would give credit.

And these are the Mother's Corsages, and please excuse the picture taking- my bad, but these use mini calla lilies.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bridal Pictures Bouquet for Stephanie

Don't these roses look gorgeous!?
Two dozen white roses, with a wrap to match her Green, Black and White theme.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Green in June

So, I am trying to brainstorm some green for a wedding in June. I fell in love with these little pomanders of green button poms. I was at my wholesaler, and picked these up to try them out. And fortunately, they are A LOT more affordable than Leslie's carnation topiaries! But because of the hirght

Friday, February 5, 2010

Sheet Music for Margaret Chapman

So this was part of the "Melody under the Tree" design. This includes two sheet music roses. They represent Margaret's two children, Greg and Rosanne. Originally they were going to be coming out the piano, but when I got to designing, it didn't fit right, but I also got the funding for more flowers, and so I could do two arrangements, and also flowers to wear for the two children and their spouses. Thanks to all those who contributed. The Chapman's loved the flowers!